Bob's 'Merica
Bob's 'Merica started out with my project "I Want To Ride My Bicycle."  I had imagined a guy on his bicycle riding past other characters in his neighborhood.

I then decided to explore this idea further, by creating creating other characters involved in various activities.  The thought evolved one step further into Bob's 'Merica...  a cast of characters that I could continue to expand upon when I want to.

If I do decide to expand this idea further, I will include other nationalities and women as well.  But as of right now the inhabitants of Bob's 'Merica include: a biker, a father who prides himself on his grilling abilities, a hipster with a custom bike, a fisherman, a hunter, and surfer.

Wild Bob Thompson, Harley Davidson enthusiast.

Bob Jenkins, pro fisherman who catches everything except fish.  Usually catches the pond's local Bob-tapus and throws him back.

Bob Hatfield, amateur hunter who enjoys telling the story about the giant buck that got away.

Bob Tennison, 30 year old hipster and owner of the start-up Pickled Bagel Company / Art Gallery.

Bobby De Luca, Italian surfer and owner of the local pizzeria.

Bob Martin, proud father and grill master.  Someone needs to call the fire department quickly.


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