Boba Fett - Star Wars

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Boba Fett - Star Wars
After doing the tribute art for Orange Is The New Black, I was inspired to create another graphic in a similar style.  I decided to recreate everyone's favorite bounty hunter from Star Wars, Boba Fett.
I created the outline using Adobe Illustrator.  Then I filled in the design with textures using Photoshop.  For the background I wanted to have some sort of space like nebular or cloud to give it that intergalactic feel.  I also felt that the background gave the image somewhat of cinematic poster feel.
With everyone anticipating Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this is the perfect illustration to add to my portfolio.
Created in Adobe Illustrator this image features the grouped paths that I created for this project.
Creating line art that could also work alone was essential to make this graphic.  I now can showcase the line art or the fully rendered design.
I used Adobe Photoshop to create the nebula cloud that would be used as the backdrop.
This is how the line art looks on top of the background.  It still works quite well this without being fully rendered.
The final piece fully rendered with textures.  What makes this piece interesting is that I could have easily created a semi realistic design, but I opted for using textures to make him more dynamic.
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