Adobe Tech Wednesday Lecture: Adobe Character Animator

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Adobe Tech Wednesday Lecture:
Adobe Character Animator
In February of 2017, I did a lecture with Sally Cox on Behance and Adobe Portfolio for the Adobe  Community Professionals Community.  I enjoyed it so much that I offered to do an another lecture on Adobe Character Animator.

For this lecture, I decided that I would feature the character I created based on Overwatch's Winston (click HERE to view).  However, I thought it would be nice to make the Adobe Tech Wednesday lecture even more special by creating a new character.

Since the idea behind the lectures is exploring and learning more about Adobe's products and services I decided to create a space monkey.  I created the character in Adobe Illustrator and then imported him directly into Adobe Character Animator where I prepared him for the animation, thus turning the illustration into a digital puppet.

For the next steps I decided to record various things separately: voice, movement, keyboard triggers, etc.  I then using a webcam I was able to record my facial expressions that would give him more personality.

When creating a character in Illustrator or Photoshop... layer order and the naming of layers is very important!
I thought it would be more fun to create a background for my character.  I edited a photo of a desert that I found online to look more like Mars.  Then added a funny sign to make the scene a little more humorous.
Adobe has given me permission to share the non-NDA version of the lecture.   To view the lecture, simply click HERE and Adobe Connect will load.

Please note the non-NDA version blocks out the attendees names, the chat dialog box, polls, the playing of the videos and so forth.  Thus, it begins with a grey screen.  My screen share begins around the 11 minute mark, so you can skip directly to that point.  Also, I did run into a glitch while recording the audio.  David Werner explained that this can happen in the chat dialog box while I was continuing to move forward.

It was an honor and thrill to do another lecture for Adobe Tech Wednesday and the ACP community!
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